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Miresberg is made up of two dead-end roads, both curving to the south in a horseshoe from the sole road that led out of the lowlands to the north. The soil here is rich and water is plentiful. Trees grow quickly and there is thick moss on anything that does not move often enough. A clear day is a day to remember, as most are hazy with heavy mist that rarely burns away. Population around 100. Mainly a farming village.

The Crooked Shoe – Miresburg's only inn/tavern.

Horvath – Barkeep at Crooked Shoe

Miresburg Rumors:

- Keanan’s father the teacher is banging the Sheriff’s wife.

- Miresberg is built on a vast arcane stone circle, partially sunken into a bog leading to the horseshoe shape. But no one knows what it was for.

Delores – Ranger. Delores has been patrolling the area off and on for as long as you can remember. Sometimes she’s assigned to another area, as patrols rotate so that they each know their way around all of Secomber’s local trade routes.


Delores' Training Manual – offers info on the area around Secomber. [Advantage on survival and perception checks around there.]

The Cart – a rickety old cart Freddie got from Horvath

Grayboi Swords – khopesh looking swords made out of bone. Probably made via some evil.


Graybois – weird spindly undead looking things. Can apparently shapeshift somewhat into humanoid looking creatures


The Mop and Stinkhole – a tavern with a literal stinkhole in the center. Gross as fuck.

Dwarfboi – bartender of Mop and Stinkhole

Wesley – aka "Little Shart." A little person who might know more about the swords/creatures. Apparently lives in the goddamn stinkhole.

The Courtesan's Rest – a nice inn/tavern.

Letharian – bartender of Courtesan's Rest.

"Rods of Justice" – some people of some kind. Letharian spoke of them being at the Courtesan's Rest

Drunk Elf – a drunk elf who helped get Freddie on stage

Main Page

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